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Knobs – Trancend/Nachtstrom Schallplatten…

Knobs – Trancend/Nachtstrom Schallplatten
incl. A.Mochi & Kaoru Inoue Out Now!!

Laurent Garnier: “Dark and very moody. Will play for sure. Favourite track: A. Mochi & Kaoru Inoue Remix”
Luke Slater: “Thanks, will check out. Favourite track: Coeter remix”
Gary Beck: “Some cool stuff! In perticular A. Mochi and R. Dincsoy remixes”
The Advent: “Nice chilled tech album.. thx. Favourite track: En La Selva”
Joseph Capriati: “Great remix by A. Mochi & Kaoru Inoue”
Sasha Carassi: “My feedback: Bomb album!!!”
Speedy J: “Thanks, will test the tracks. Fav: A. Mochi & Kaoru Inoue remix”
Pfirter: “Developer remixes are cool as usual, thanks.”
Tommy Four Seven: “A. Mochi and Developer remixes are great. support”
Marco Bailey: “Raphael Dincsoy & A. Mochi remix for me”
Thomas P. Heckmann: “Great remix package!”
Marco Carola: “Favourite track: Developer remix”
Bas Mooy: “Neurofit, Bastard, A. Mochi remix + R. Dincsoy remix for me!”
Sam Paganini: “Cool Pack! A. Mochi and Dincsoy remixes are my fav”
Audio Injection/Truncate: “I dig the Developer mixes”
Industrialyzer: “will test it out, thanks, my fav: developer remix v1″
Niereich: “Nice Remix package, will test. Thx.”
Jeroen Search: “Nice package!”
Ken Ishii: “The A. Mochi remix sounds quite interesting. Fresh.”
Takaaki Itoh: “will play a. mochi remix. good one for the middle of set. full support!”
Manic Brothers: “Dark and funky! Me like!”
Dave Tarrida: “some really nice tracks and nice remix package! great LP”
Kr!z: “will play the developer mixes thx”
Rolando: “Developer remix v2 is Dope!!! will definitely play this one out.”
Florian Meindl: “Developer Remix V2 and Coeter Remix are cool”
Bart Skils: “Solid grooves! Love Bastard.”
Bryan Chapman: “great package, Developer V1 & Raphael Dincsoy for me”
Drumcomplex: “wow massive bundle thanks for the promo”
Pierre Deutschmann: “great package … Developer V1 for me thx”
Ray Okpara: “Dinscoy rmx for me!!!! smile emoticon greetz!”
Al Ferox: “good stuff, will play”
Miss Sunshine: “nice bunch of remixes smile emoticon”
Raphael Dincsoy: “strong remix package. happy to be part of it”
Frankyeffe: “Super techno tracks here!!! Great album from Knobs”
Carlos Valdes: “love this!!!!”
Bryan Zentz: “developer mix 2 and hardom mix for me! thanks”
Pappenheimer: “Full Support! Great Power inside wink emoticon”
Sven Schaller: “Hard to pick a fav. Recharge & Operate or Hardom for me, but will also play A. Mochi & Kaoru. Great release.”
Kerstin Eden: “strong pack & nice album! thx”
Superstrobe: “Crazy techno stuff!”
Someone Else: “sid funk’t + bastard”
Kaiser Souzai: “Great dark techno album with some big bangers like ‘Feed Your Need’. Will test. Thx for the music.”
Misoo: “Full support… the Remixes are amazing!!”
Phuturelabs: “Love a bit of Developer!”
Hours: “Hardom Re-Work and Raphael Dincsoy Remix for me. Thanks!”
Sync Therapy: “Great, real bomb!!! Thanks. Favourite track: Recharge & Operate Remix + Neurofit & Elephant”
Simo Lorenz: “Some big bangers in there, love the Developer Versions,
A. Mochi’s and Rapha’s Remix.”
Peat Noise: “Fat! Brian Burger and A. Mochi & Kaoru Inoue remixes for me the best!!”
Drumloch: “Nice remix release ! +1 for A. Mochi , Hardom & Brian Burger, will play it”
Henry Chow: “Nice remixes from Developer!”
Felix Bernhardt: “Nice & trippy, thx”
Nuria Ghia: “Pure techno, thanks for the music!”
Ryuji Takeuchi: “really dig developer remix here, will definitely play it. full support.”
Different is Different Rec: “great album indeed. insane producer”
Andrea Frisina: “Solid, picking “Dream at Night”, thanks !”
Sutter Cane: “will try the remixes by Recharge, Developer and R. Dincsoy”

Grey Smokey 3×12″-Vinyl and Digital
Special Limited Edition To 100 Copies – No Re-Press!

Techniqueに入荷! Knobs – Trancend/N…

Knobs – Trancend/Nachtstrom Schallplatten
incl. A.Mochi & Kaoru Inoue, Developer Remix

Gynoid Audio – Reprise Series # 005 vinyl…

Gynoid Audio – Reprise Series # 005 vinyl on deejay.de!!
incl. Electric Rescue – Quarries (A. Mochi Tool Mix)